IBM IT Support Complete Course | IT Technical Support For Beginners

IBM IT Support Complete Course | IT Technical Support For Beginners

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Build job-ready skills by learning from the best IBM IT Support Complete Course

Get started in the in-demand field of IT technical support with a Professional Certificate from IBM. Learn the foundations of IT support and develop hands-on knowledge of operating systems and networking, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and providing end-to-end customer support.

Common job titles:
Database Administrator, IT Specialist, Tech Support Specialist, Systems Analyst, Network Engineer, Help Desk Technician, IT Support Specialist, IT Technician, Computer User Specialist, IT Assistant

⭐⭐⭐⭐🕑TIME STAMP📋⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
⭐️Introduction to Technical Support⭐️
👉0:00:00 Welcome
👉0:12:36 What Is Technical Support
👉0:39:05 Technical Support Skills and Opportunities
👉1:22:19 Support Tools Support Tiers and Service Level Agreements
👉1:56:56 Ticketing Systems
👉2:54:57 Final Hands on Project and Quiz

⭐️Introduction to Hardware and Operating Systems⭐️
👉2:58:54 Introduction to Computing Fundamentals and Operating Systems
👉3:42:45 Introduction to Hardware and Components
👉4:17:15 Introduction to Interface Peripherals and Connectors
👉4:54:09 Internal Computer Components
👉5:22:13 Introduction to Microsoft Windows Workstation and Manangement
👉5:46:59 Introduction to Workstation Evaluation Setup and Troubleshooting
👉6:25:22 Course Wrap Up
👉6:33:27 Exploring additional Desktop and Mobile Operating Systems

⭐️Introduction Software Programming and Database⭐️
👉7:17:54 Welcome
👉7:21:12 Computing Platforms and Software Applications
👉8:10:15 Fundamentals of Web Browsers Applications and Cloud Computing
👉9:16:07 Basics of Programming
👉9:59:53 Database Fundamentals

⭐️Introduction to Networking and Storage⭐️
👉10:46:47 Welcome
👉10:50:14 Network Topologies Types and Connections
👉11:22:12 Hardware Network Flow and Protocols
👉12:03:11 Network Setup and Tools
👉12:37:31 Common Storage and Sharing Options
👉13:06:22 Course Wrap up

⭐️Introduction to CyberSecurity Essentials⭐️
👉13:14:27 Security Concerns
👉13:43:05 Password Management and Security Best Practices
👉14:23:20 Security Concerns and Safe Browsing

⭐️Introduction to Cloud Computing⭐️
👉14:53:53 Welcome
👉14:56:05 Introduction to Cloud Computing
👉15:17:52 Business Case for Cloud Computing
👉15:26:44 Emerging Technologies Accelerated By Cloud
👉15:40:00 Service Models
👉16:00:08 Deployment Models
👉16:16:33 Cloud Infrastructure
👉16:50:48 Cloud Storage and Content Delivery Networks
👉17:19:09 Hybrid Multi Cloud Microservices and serverless
👉17:37:58 Cloud Native Applications DevOps and Application Modernization
👉17:58:10 Cloud Security and Monitoring
👉18:25:40 Case Studies and Jobs

⭐️Technical Support Case Studies⭐️
👉18:39:30 Welcome
👉18:43:33 Hardware and Operating Systems Scenarios

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