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Before we start learning ReactJs and building our own app using it, we have to focus on some prerequisites. We must follow these prerequisites and go ahead.

Prerequisites to learn React

You should have a good understanding of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for creating the structure of web pages, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for styling and layout. Also you should have basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Essential JavaScript for React

Before learning reactjs you should have some essential javascript knowledge. It will help you in some core concepts of ReactJs from a JavaScript perspective. So, here all those topics of JavaScript are given about which you should have knowledge while you start learning ReactJs.

● Functions and Arrow Functions
● JavaScript Objects
● Array and array methods
● Destructuring
● Template literals
● Ternary Operators
● ES Modules and Import / Export Syntax
Hope you guys have knowledge in all these topics

Prerequisites to install React App

Before installation of React App you have to install Node.js latest version in your system. Because React is a JavaScript library, and node.js provides a runtime environment for executing JavaScript outside the browser. Also you can use npm and install and manage dependencies in your React projects, once you have installed Node.js in your system.

If you have not installed Node.js yet, then let’s see how to install it and which version to
install.First go to the official website of Node.js

There on the home page, you will see two versions available for download, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Download the 18.17.0 LTS version, as it is recommended for most users and it’s widely used by developers for production environments.

After the installer is downloaded. Install it by launching installation wizard and following all instructions of installation wizard, accepting license agreement and choosing the default installation settings.

After the installation, open the Command Prompt or PowerShell or Terminal (If you use
macOS) then run the command node -v to check if Node.js is successfully installed.

Also run the command npm -v to check if the npm is successfully installed.

If you see the Node.js version displayed, then congratulations it’s successfully installed.

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