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What is React?

If we explain ReactJs in a simple line, It is an open-source JavaScript library, which is used to build user interfaces (UIs) and front-end web apps or applications. It provides us with many features to build high performance web applications,whether it is small, big or complex. ReactJs is a highly optimized and component based JavaScript library,which is particularly popular for single-page applications (SPAs) and allows developers to create interactive and dynamic UI components.

Who is the founder or developer of React?

Jordan Walke, who was a software engineer at Meta(Facebook), author of ReactJs. So it was developed by Facebook in 2011 but it was introduced officially by Facebook in 2013. Since then, React.js has gained widespread adoption and has become one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces.

Why do we choose React?

ReactJs is most popular for its flexibility, performance, scalability, and solid features. It’s chosen by a wide developer community. Day by day, It’s getting more and more popular. So if you want to be a Front-end web developer or Full stack developer, you should learn ReactJs.

Key features

● Component-Based Architecture
● Virtual DOM
● Unidirectional Data Flow
● Extensions
● Simplicity
● Performance Optimization
● Strong Community and Ecosystem, etc.

React latest Versions

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