Ubuntu Linux Administration: Operation of Running Systems

Ubuntu Linux Administration: Operation of Running Systems

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Once you have your Ubuntu Linux system up and running you need to maintain it. This course [ Ubuntu Linux Administration ] will teach you the ongoing administration skills to keep your Linux servers healthy.
What you’ll learn
Day to day Linux administration is a core skill needed by many IT professionals. In this course, Ubuntu Linux Administration: Operation of Running Systems, you’ll learn to effectively manage existing Linux systems. First, you’ll explore tools used to reboot and shutdown your system. Next, you’ll discover the systemd eco-system and managing services. Finally, you’ll learn how to automate administration using scripts and scheduled tasks. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Linux administration needed to run routine maintenance in Linux.

Table of contents
🟡 Course Overview : 1min
🔵▶️ Course Overview 2m
🟡Controlling Server Shutdown and Reboot : 24mins
▶️Managing a Running System 5m
▶️Working with Shutdown and the /etc/nologin File 11m
▶️Using Reboot and Poweroff 6m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 3m
🟡 Understanding the GRUB Bootloader : 39mins
▶️Booting Ubuntu Linux 4m
▶️Editing GRUB Defaults 6m
▶️Loading Linux and GRUB Entries 5m
▶️Gaining Root Access 3m
▶️Creating Custom GRUB Entries 6m
▶️Using Ubuntu Recovery Options 5m
▶️Recovering from a Failed Bootloader 9m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 2m
🟡 Managing Software in Ubuntu 20.04 : 48mins
▶️Working with Software Packages in Ubuntu 3m
▶️Comparing Apt and Apt-get 5m
▶️Listing Packages 4m
▶️Using Apt List 7m
▶️Searching for Packages 4m
▶️Installing and Removing Packages 9m
▶️Adding Online Repositories and Signing Keys 9m
▶️Using Core Dpkg Commands 5m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 3m
🟡 Managing Systemd Services and Targets : 55mins
▶️Uniformity with Systemd 3m
▶️The Systemd Eco-system 6m
▶️Understanding Boot Times 6m
▶️Understanding Systemctl 3m
▶️Managing Services with Systemctl 9m
▶️Understanding Service Units 2m
▶️Creating Service Units in Ubuntu 20.04 9m
▶️Working with Targets 6m
▶️Working with Logs 9m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 3m
🟡 Scripting Automation in Linux : 47mins
▶️Welcome to Shell Scripting 5m
▶️Writing a Simple Shell Script 10m
▶️Implementing Variables and Loops 7m
▶️Sourcing Variables 4m
▶️Creating a Password Generator 9m
▶️Improving the Password Generator 5m
▶️Creating Users from the CLI 4m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 3m
🟡 Scheduling Tasks in Linux : 37mins
▶️Scheduled Tasks in Linux 5m
▶️Working with Timer Units 11m
▶️Understanding Cron Files 3m
▶️Working with Cron Files 8m
▶️Working with the Atd 6m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 4m
🟡 Monitoring Processes in Linux : 36mins
▶️Monitoring and Managing Processes in Ubuntu Linux 4m
▶️Configuring Configuring Changes Using Ansible_Local Provisioner 11m
▶️Using Uptime and Understanding Load Averages 6m
▶️Display and Sort Processes Using Top 3m
▶️Listing and Managing Processes 10m
▶️Summary and What’s Next 3m
🟡 Securing Ubuntu Using AppArmor : 33mins
▶️Understanding AppArmor 4m
▶️Adding Extra AppArmor Utilities 6m
▶️Creating a Python Script 7m
▶️Understanding AppArmor Profiles 6m
▶️Generating AppArmor Profiles 8m
▶️Summary 2m

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